CZ Earrings In Pink And Green - Sushmita From Aionios Creations

CZ Earrings In Pink And Green – Sushmita


CZ Earrings In Pink And Green – Sushmita

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CZ Earrings In Pink And Green – Sushmita

I love how versatile stud earrings are. They can be worn in any season, with any kind of weather (I hate wearing dangly earrings when it’s cold because they hit my neck and give me a chill! ? ), and to any occasion. I’ve worn studs to travel, to workout, to work, for date nights, weddings, and lazy days around the house. They’re just easy!

I really can’t over-exaggerate how picky I am about the way things feel. If you don’t have a “texture person” in your life, I’m her. From bread to socks, and everything in between, I am incredibly persnickety. This is true for jewelry–and especially earrings. I like lightweight earrings that aren’t constantly brushing my neck, getting caught on my scarves, or generally annoying me throughout the day. Studs it is.

CZ Earrings In Pink And Green – Sushmita:

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Jewellery Care:

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To avoid scratches, store in a cloth pouch or in a zip pouch. Beware of applying harsh chemicals or ionic cleaners.

Keep your jewellery dust and dirt free.



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