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Nose Ring – Mauktika


Nose Ring – Mauktika

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Nose Ring – Mauktika

Nath is a nose ornament that is unique in design than any other nose ring  and it completes the traditional look of Maharashtrian women. The jewellery adorned by Maharasthrian brides is simple,  but its artistic patterns make it stand out. Simplicity personified is how one can truly describe a Marathi bride.

Nose Ring – Mauktika:

Maharashtrian nose ring are best explained in

A typical Maharashtrian nath is an ornament worn by women on her nose at some special occasion such as wedding or a pooja. Mauktika is a simple white pearl nose pin which has ruby kundan studded at the center. This is a piercing type nath.

Nose pins always adds charm and beauty to the marathi bride. This jewelry item is worn from the time of marathas and peshwas. Pearl white what else you need.

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Jewelry Care

Store in:
Plastic ziplock or the pouch with plastic cover provided by us !

Avoid from:
Perfumes , Soaps , Water or anything acidic !

Is it breakable?
Yes it is , It is a delicate creation so do not pull it / bang it. We do not replace broken jewelry.


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