The Choker Trend

The Choker Trend

Girls love wearing jewelry which is not a hidden fact at all. Necklaces are one of their favorites, and a special type of necklace is really catching popularity these days, i.e, the “Choker” . Choker is a type of necklace worn high on the neck and touching the skin, unlike the other dangling necklaces. There are hundreds of types of chokers these days and the task of choosing is quite difficult. In fact, there are so many types and we don’t even know about all of them. So here are some choker pieces you need to know about, so the next time you go shopping, you will not be confused.
The basic tattoo choker : All the buzz about chokers was started by this beauty. It is the most basic type of choker made up of a thin plastic wire, and when worn makes an appearance like a tattoo.
The studded black choker : This type of choker is bold, with silver spikes studded on a black leather like band. It is worn like a belt in the neck, and compliments casual clothes the best.

Gold wire with a pearl : This is a very classic and elegant choker piece having a thin golden wire around the neck and an extra large pearl in the middle. This choker compliments the formal look the best, and can also be worn at simple parties.

Pendant Necklace Set - Amrapali From Aionios Creations
Pendant Necklace Set – Amrapali From Aionios Creations
Gold metal choker  : This choker is designed specially for simple outfits, having a thick band of metal that covers most part of the neck and gives a classy look to the person. This choker is suited more for a formal setting.
The three layered choker : The three layered choker includes of one layer of choker and other two layers of longer necklaces. There can be two types of three layered chokers : one, with thin metal chains and pendants in each chain; second, with medium width black material and pendants. The former gives a classy look and the latter gives a casual and cool look.
The mixed up choker : As the name goes, a mixed up choker is the one having chains as well as a black velvet band. The black band might even have a pendant hanging.
Blingy choker : A blingy choker is the one having a lot of shine and bling, designed for grand occasions. Celebrities are often seen pulling off these beauties at award shows, etc. They are generally broad and cover most part of the neck.
Ribbon choker : A ribbon choker can be easily made at home. Its a very simple choker made by having multiple layers, or single layer of a ribbon. The most popular ribbon choker seen these days is the bow shaped choker.
 A quick and easy catch about chokers is that they can be made by anyone, with anything. One can literally wear anything in the neck as a choker and only good confidence is required to pull it off well. A little extra effort can also help in making fancy chokers like the ones available in the markets. So get creative and design your own choker get it customized from Aionios Creations. Explore huge variety of choker designs at affordable prices at Aionios Creations.

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