Meenakari – Magic Of Metal Colourings

Meenakari – Magic Of Metal Colourings

Meenakari – Magic Of Metal Colourings

Aionios Creations is one of the classy Jewelry e-store based out in Pune and they have a rich collection of Antique jewelry specially designed by skilled team of designers from Jaipur.

The collection has beautiful designs made in Polki, Uncut diamond and Minakari work decorated with gems. Along with all the beauty the necklace are very neatly made and are sturdy and comfortable to wear. Aionios Creations also have amazing kundan jewellery collection, just perfect for modern Indian women keeping the design modern and contemporary at the same time. Kundan earrings have been beautifully designed and complimented with other precious gemstones like ruby, emerald, corals for the look.

Meenakari, the art of coloring a metal surface by attaching or fusing pieces of different mineral substances, over it. Enameling is considered the most alluring and technical of all metal decorations. Enameling was earlier only done on gold, but presently it is done other metals like silver, copper etc.

Aionios Creations Rajyog Collection depicts the art of Minakari work. Here gold plated beads in various shapes like oval, round, elongated etc. are used for creating these jewelry pieces. There are pieces which are created from cultured pearls and fresh water pearls. Pendants also have kundans engraved in them. These pieces are perfectly suited for modern women who loves to wear statement pieces.

The jewellery highlights depressions similar to a popular design or animal figurines or images of gods and goddess. The idea behind this is to give the appearance of a picture. Delicate designs of flowers, birds, fish etc are etched or engraved on it. This leads to the creation of walls or grooves, to hold colour. Enamel dust of required colour is then poured into the grooves and each colour is fired individually. Silver and gold are used as a base for Minakari.

A limited number of colours, like gold, blue, green and yellow, stick to silver, whereas all available colours can be applied to gold, making it the preferred medium of enamellers. The meenakar often works with a team of craftsmen. As Minakari is generally done on the reverse side of kundan jewellery, the meenakari has to work with the goldsmith, the engraver or ghaaria, the designer or Chitteria and Jadiya who applies the gems on the kundan or gold. The finished produced is a marvel of the expertise of these different craftsmen and their techniques.

Meenakari jewellery is used to beautifully express various themes and occasions and give exquisite look to it. Meenakari jewellery can be found in various pieces. Below is the list mentioned

  1. Meenakari Jewellery set
  1. Meenakari earrings


  1. Meenakari bangles


  1. Meenakari necklace


  1. Meenakari anklets


  1. Meenakari rings


  1. Meenakari nose pins


  1. Meenakari armlet


Aionios creations handmade jewelry brand has a lot of collection of Meenakari work. From necklace to pendants to chaandbali. All Meenakari work can be found here. During my research about Meenakari, Aionios Creations had given me a huge help in this. I can sure you that you will be in love with their work.

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