Jewellery – The Exclusive Indian Art

Jewellery – The Exclusive Indian Art

Jewellery – The Exclusive Indian Art

Gemstones are the soul of costume jewellery.  They have been used since the ancient times, to beautify jewellery items. Their colour, lustre, cutting style and rarity, is what sets them apart from other mineral crystals and defines their value. Also, their extraordinary healing powers are not hidden from the world. Several pieces of stunningly carved handmade gemstone jewellery have been discovered in the remains of ancient civilisations, highlighting the fact that gemstone jewellery was popular even then. These types of jewellery can be found at Aionios creations.

Gemstones are popular for their mystical healing powers. Based on one’s astrological chart a gemstone can be used to bring in health, wealth and prosperity in a person’s life. Also, even scientifically proven facts suggest that colours and lustre of gems can be used to cure various illnesses and diseases. Below is a brief account on how different stones and gemstones can affect a person’s life.

Ruby:  Ruled by the sun, this gemstone blesses the adorer with beauty and health.


Pearl: This white gemstone brings values like honesty, purity and innocence. It has also been documented to help in boosting concentration power.


Coral: Ruled by Mars, this gemstone is known to promote creativity. Also, it has been known to make the adorner wise and enthusiastic.


Sapphire: Gemstone used for universal love and is helpful for those seeking spiritual knowledge.


Diamond:  Known as a symbol of purity, diamond induces fearlessness and clarity of vision.


Hessonite: This protects the wearer from accidents. Also, it brings wealth and prosperity.


Cat’s eye: This gemstone can strengthen the adorner’s mind and bless him with undeterred determination and will power.


Emerald: This stone is worn to bring good fortune.


Semi-precious stones can also be used in gem therapy because they have a predominant colour, which can help ease off symptoms of depression, stress, insomnia, anorexia and many other diseases. Therefore, apart from the visual appeal, gemstones also have therapeutic properties that make stone-studded jewels even more valuable.

Ainoios Creations has a huge variety of stone jewellery. One can easily find all kinds of jewellery at one place.

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