Silver Treasure

Silver Treasure is the collection of silver ornaments like nose pins, earrings, necklace etc. Silver treasure is our latest offering to you patrons. As the name suggests silver treasure is a collection of designer silver beauties. Each and every piece has been created with so much of love, attention and care that it will leave you craving for more, this we promise!

The collection boasts of some beautiful silver nose pins, nose clips, neckpieces, hand accessories, earrings etc. Some pieces are custom made and directly sources from makers.

This collection is available for sale on our e-store at Buying collection from website is easy and provides seamless payment options to buyers. Orders can be made in prepaid (online payments) or COD (cash on delivery) mode. Every order of yours entitles you to free shipping within India.

A very big thanks to the most amazing muse Aionios Creations could have, much gratitude Vaishnavi D, you do complete justice to our work. We hope you all enjoy viewing what we have to offer. Looking forward to your feedback.

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