Mangtika is our favourite accessory of the day. They are heavy, classic and ooze loads of sex appeal. Not all mangtikas are made alike – some come with the traditional borla and they simply attain cult status in a jiffy! Borla is a beautiful and amazing mangtika design that is worn from years by the women of Rajasthan. But now this unique ornament is accepted by women from all over India.

South Indians love their gold and if it’s devoid of all stones, even better! Wear the matha patti with rows to offset the kanjeevarams. Of course, temple jewellery is the mood of the month – south indian jewellery is making a big big comeback. So look for ones that have rubies, pearls and diamonds to give them an old-school look. I think this is just everlasting no south indian wedding is complete without gold on bride and groom, right?? Here at Aionios creations we are featuring gold look mangtikas and matha pattis. They are artificial created from metal alloy. But will give you look of gold.

We say ladies When in doubt, opt for pearls. You will never go wrong with them because they have the ability to make any outfit sophisticated! Pearls are women’s second best friend. It matches with every outfit and don’t make you look odd in any situation. We have huge range of pearl magtikas at Aionios creations.

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