Bangles In Gehu Design (Tode) - Bhuja From Aionios Creations

Bangles In Gehu Design (Tode) – Bhuja


Bangles In Gehu Design (Tode) – Bhuja

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Bangles In Gehu Design (Tode) – Bhuja

Bangles design are very famous since ancient times. Gold bangles are most important ornament of lady’s jewellery box. Hand accessories are available in various patterns viz silver bangles, gold bangles, diamond bangles, rose gold bangle etc. An absolutely stunning piece to own and are very light in weight.

Bangles In Gehu Design (Tode) – Bhuja:

These are traditional maharashtrian “Tode”. Now you must be thinking, What is Tode? Tode, are the traditional hand accessories adorned by the ladies of Maharashtra from the Peshwai era. It is said that Tode have design which looks like wheat grain. Maharashtrian People also have some other jewelleries like Pohe haar (Because it looks like Pohaa), Bakul haar ( because it looks like bakul flower i.e Maulsari flowers) etc. Isn’t that interesting… hhuh?

Bhuja are adjustable in size and has side screw for adjustments. This is one of the most important ornaments from Mahrashtrian jewelry designs.

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Jewellery Care:

Protect it from getting in direct contact with perfumes, deodorants, sprays and sweat Apply all lotions, make up, hair spray, etc first, before putting on your jewellery.

To avoid scratches, store in a cloth pouch or in a zip pouch. Beware of applying harsh chemicals or ionic cleaners.

Keep your jewellery dust and dirt free.

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