Terms of Service

1. Do we have a shop / studio?
Yes! We are in process to start our first studio in Pune on May 2016.
2. Returns/Replacement Policy:
Product once sold cannot be returned. We take utmost care while packing the products in case of shipping through our courier partners. However, if the product gets damaged during shipping, we will replace the product. It is subject to the recipient mailing us the photo within 8 hours of delivery. Buyer needs to send us back the damaged product within 7 days. We will reimburse the shipping costs incurred by the buyer. Product returned after 7 working days will not be accepted. Once the damaged product is received, we will send a replacement product. If the same product is not available for shipment, we mail a “Credit Note” and you can redeem it against any of our products. Credit note does not have any expiry. Please note there will be no monies refunded in such cases.
WhatsApp image to : +91 7566658484 with your order id mentioned!

3. Exchange & Refund
A creation once sold will not be exchanged. There is no refund in any case.

4. Cancellation:
An order cannot be cancelled once the payment is complete. Only exception will be inventory mismatch at our end. If you end up buying a product that is out of stock, we will cancel the order and refund full payment. Refund will be processed after receipt of the bank account details from the buyer.

5. Custom Orders
We do design jewelry “made-to-order”. Please visit our Customized Creations page and fill in your requirements in the form.

6. Delivery Time
5 to 7 working days within India and 15 – 21 working days outside India as most of the products are created after receiving your order. Sunday is a non-working day for all of our courier partners.

7. Technical Errors
In case there is a technical issue with inventory update and you end up paying for a product that is sold out, we assure to return the full amount back in your account within 7 working days. You will not be forced to buy things that you do not love 🙂

8. Material used for jewelry, Guarantee / Warranty
We use best quality raw material that is allergy free. Everything is “lead-free”. However if you are allergic to non-gold jewelry, we do not hold any responsibility to any kind of damage. There is no guarantee/warranty for any creation. Please follow the “Jewelry Care” and you will happily flaunt our creations for years!

9. We are here to help you…!
We are happy to answer all your queries,
Call or WhatsApp , +91 7566658484 , Monday to Saturday , 9 am – 8 pm, IST
Email us at info@aionioscreations.com

10. Copyright
All designs, photos are entirely our (Aionios Creations’) property. Please do not use any image / content without our written consent or permission as this could lead to legal action taken against you.

11. Dimensions / Color / Material
Product attributes have been mentioned wherever applicable. Please feel free to reach us to confirm the same before placing an order. No product will be exchanged on this basis.

12.  International shipping

Please note that shipping is free all over India but international shipping charges will be extra as applicable.